The needs of each party play an important role in the long-term success of a relationship. In personal relationships, a lack of understanding about differing needs can result in distance, arguments, and break-ups. In the workplace, differing needs can result in broken deals, decreased profits, and lost jobs. With workplace challenges, understanding why a person is being difficult can help with the approach to handling them. A whopping 83% of people say they suffer from work-related stress. Do they feel like their job is threatened by you or another coworker?

  • Whether you’re experiencing conflict at home, work, or school, learning these skills can help you resolve differences in a healthy way and build stronger, more rewarding relationships.
  • People often do this because they are afraid of getting hurt, being rejected, or feeling uncomfortable.
  • The fear of conflict is common, especially among those with social anxiety.
  • If you feel frightened or anxious about confronting someone, bring along a friend or co-worker.
  • The hallmark of flighters, he says, is that, when conflicts arise, their first impulse is to acquiesce.
  • If you’re defensive in disagreements, you can speak to a mental health professional to better understand and lessen your defensive behaviors.

But you can still take small steps each day toward feeling more comfortable facing your fears and speaking up for yourself. Remember that disagreeing provides deeper understanding and makes it easier to connect with our friends, partners, and co-workers. how to deal with someone who avoids conflict Rather than endlessly ruminate and allow conflicts to fester in your head, try taking a more assertive approach. Similarly, if you’re more comforted by smells, you can keep an essential oil on hand to take a quick whiff of when you’re feeling anxious.


This anxiety might cause you to avoid or sidestep important conversations. During confrontations, you can try to practice anxiety-management techniques. Handling these small situations politely but firmly can help you build confidence.

By communicating openly, you can express your needs and desires to your partner, which can help avoid conflict in the future. Caroline is very conflict avoidant and always tries to avoid conflict with her husband. She does this because she is afraid of being seen in a negative light.

The desire to avoid conflict may be motivated by self-protection or selfishness.

When conflict is mismanaged, it can cause great harm to a relationship, but when handled in a respectful, positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people. Whether you’re experiencing conflict at home, work, or school, learning these skills can help you resolve differences in a healthy way and build stronger, more rewarding relationships. After all, two people can’t be expected to agree on everything, all the time. The key is not to fear or try to avoid conflict but to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way. But you want to watch out for unhealthy conflicts that hijack precious time, trust, and energy. Often this type of animosity develops when there’s a “conflict entrepreneur” on your team — someone who inflames conflict for their own ends.

  • This is why it is so important to be able to communicate with each other, even if you have to learn how to do so.
  • “Abusive relationships, environments, and situations may not be a place where we practice assertive communication,” she explains.
  • The important thing to understand is that they’re not there to decide whether victims will ever get money from Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers, but whether this particular deal is legal.
  • Disagreements can cause significant stress, so it tends to be best to find ways to communicate with one another about the issue instead of letting a problem fester.
  • Some of the families feel like the Sacklers, they’re getting away with helping to fuel this crisis that killed all of these people.

Or does justice mean that they continue to face lawsuits that could go on for years and years in a way that could give some level of satisfaction or closure to those who oppose the deal? In other words, should justice be focused on compensation for victims or punishment for those responsible? Well, let me first say, Justice Kagan, that the point of this proceeding is not to make the life as difficult as possible for the Sacklers. It’s to maximize recovery, and fairly and equitably distribute it to the victims. — idea that there is a fundamental bargain in bankruptcy law, which is get a discharge when you put all your assets on the table. And I think everybody thinks that the Sacklers didn’t come anywhere close to doing that.

Know when it’s time for a time-out.

“The negative side effects of conflict avoidance are often high turnover, a dysfunctional working environment, strained communication, loss of productivity and impaired teamwork,” Hearn said. Millions of readers rely on for free, evidence-based resources to understand and navigate mental health challenges. Please donate today to help us save, support, and change lives. Emotional awareness is the key to understanding yourself and others. If you don’t know how or why you feel a certain way, you won’t be able to communicate effectively or resolve disagreements.

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