Source: Employees and you will Wages, a research on the 1900 U

  • Nurses, checking out – Salaries because of the condition jpeoplemeet mobil, 1909Includes a directory of teams you to utilize seeing nurses, including wages reduced. Make use of the desk out-of contents to get your state. Source: Checking out medical in the us. by Y. Oceans, (1909).
  • Railway employee wages, 1896-1907Lists average every day payment to possess route agencies, conductors, telegraph operators, enginemen, fire fighters, track men, button tenders, crossing tenders, machinists, carpenters and more; given that shown on 1908 Mathematical Conceptual (source). For additional outline on the RR earnings in the 12 months 1900, discover it additional congressional declaration.
  • Railway earnings by profession, 1892-1902Shows new daily earnings having 18 more railway job inside modern All of us bucks.
  • Railroad automobiles, building and you can fix – 1890 to 1912Shows earnings each hour and you can times off really works for every day on years 1907 so you can 1912, that have breakouts of the county. Comes with an evaluation of 1890 so you’re able to 1912. Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin no. 137
  • Highway railways – Staff wages by urban area, 1905Shows era, earnings and you may policies having ill get-off. Source: 1905 Yearbook of your Amalgamated Assoc. of Path and you may Electronic Rail Group away from The usa, pp. 7-23.
  • Professor earnings because of the state and sex, 1894-1902Taken regarding U.Smissioner off Education Report for 1902. Suggests mediocre monthly earnings regarding instructors when you look at the 1902 carrying out with the page LXXXI.
  • Training wages by the race – Sc, 1901-1909 Shows the common yearly salary of one another light and you can black colored educators when you look at the 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1908, and you may 1909 throughout the state. Source: Annual report of your own County Superintendent regarding Degree of your Condition away from Sc.

Development wages, 1900-1909

S. Census. Source: Money regarding wage-earners, 1905 Census out of Makes. Source: U. S. Agency out-of Labor Bulletin, zero. 77, Frequency XVII (July 1908).

Reveals wages to own 1911-1914, 1919, and you may 1922 in making men’s outer garments-applications, pants, vests, and over-coats. Source: BLS Bulletin #387.

Such experts involved with spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing and if not doing opportunities into make regarding textiles. Suggests hourly wages and you may typical period each week.

Child earnings and days research to have says out of Virtual assistant, NC, Sc, GA, AL and MS getting 1907-1908. Source: “Earnings of operatives,” part 4 from inside the Review of position out of woman and you may youngster wage earners about You.S., Vol. step one, pp. 297-354.

Earnings by state, 1900-1909

It table suggests the speed every single day for different perform and you can employment round the Ca more a beneficial sixteen season several months. Source: 9th Biennial Statement away from BLS from Ca, pp. 59-60

Shows the typical month-to-month earnings, money, experts plus to possess sailors for the six maritime labor teams. Source: Ca BLS 11th bien. rept., pp. 53-54.

Shows the present each and every day earnings during the Ca in the 1894, 1896, 1900, and 1902 (source). Annual paycheck data is broken out by condition.

Which number of Municipal Seasons Courses regarding The latest Haven, Connecticut, let you know wages to own cops, firemen, school coaches, principals, building inspectors, clerks or any other services doing work for urban area bodies.

Reveals mediocre spend from the particular business, industry and you will battle/nationality. It supply also provides microdata on every private worker into the Desk I. Source: You.S. BLS Bulletin no. 66, Frequency XIII. Typed September 1906.

Listings this, field and you will each week income per many hundred or so feminine teams. Source: Breakdown of standing from lady and you can youngster salary-earners, vol. 12, pp. 17-18.

Users 109-119 inform you the typical a week earnings and you can wages for several work which have mercantile marketplaces while in the Boston. For every single admission is actually classified since male or female. Source: 33 A great.Roentgen. Bureau out of Analytics of Work from Massachusetts

Pricing off spend (a-day) for designers, foremen, case brands, cabinetmakers’ helpers, carvers, finishers, host give, unskilled laborers, and boys on Grand Rapids Sofa Organization. Mediocre earnings from pieceworkers is reported toward 2nd webpage. Source: Data prior to earnings and you can prices of commodities, Vol. 2 (Serial Lay 5922).