She is fixated into the having the passion for athlete since they are the only real “real” part of the girl lifestyle

Even after Monika’s hopeful ideas throughout the Books Club, it will become even more noticeable that the woman is indeed sad and you will lonely, down to being aware you to definitely her whole world is merely a simulation; a representation in which she can’t also achieve what is actually felt “happweness” (i.age. having the girl route finished). Monika’s procedures are also determined by the her desire to avoid the fresh new torture she endures incase somebody quits the online game, due to the fact whenever that takes place Monika was caught up in a beneficial hellish gap out-of audio, bulbs, shade, and you can screams, struggling to circulate or even envision. This is mentioned while in the Monika’s Speak from inside the Operate step three.

She’ll state that an element of the reputation does not can be found, and therefore she simply loves the player by themselves

Shortly after removing Yuri and you may Natsuki’s data, Work step three will happen, where she creates a world on her behalf while the player, she’s going to define this lady motives regarding the the girl love into player. She’ll and additionally explain just how she increased Sayori’s and Yuri’s undesired attributes (e.grams. Sayori’s depression and Yuri’s obsessiveness) to make them less likely to want to admit their love to the protagonist. Monika commonly open new poem minigame once more, except simply distorted words out of Monika’s label arrive, and only Monika’s sticker sprite can be found, that have a loud atmosphere to try out about records. The background is starting to become purple having glitches, distinct from the original table history in micro-games. Shortly after providing the poem to Monika, she will accept that the gamer had written the fresh new poem particularly for the lady, and you may she phone calls the player sweet.

Up until now regarding online game, the player should be able to read Monika’s Chat in which she discussions straight to the ball player (albeit for the a comparatively nihilistic fashion), instead of the protagonist. It’s shown one to little on Monika’s noticeable generosity and politeness try an act, and she now offers the ball player certain truly sound advice off day to day.

Monika upcoming regulates the game, saying that if the she enjoys the ball player, she’s going to recreate whatever they could have wished

If your pro following chooses to remove Monika’s file, she’ll immediately disappear completely, and search on her behalf document for the a panic. Whenever she finds out the ball player removed their, she’ll feel resentful from the user and you can tell them one to they “completely, truly create myself ill.” Shortly after a tiny pause, Monika tells the player one to she still enjoys him or her. She’ll upcoming have the weight off the girl steps, realize the brand new horrible anything she’s got completed to one other women, and declare that though she understood they were perhaps not genuine, she nevertheless spotted her or him given that the girl members of the family. Monika is then missing throughout the game, through to the latest the main regular ending.

In case the regular end was hit, Sayori becomes worry about-alert, and you may bugs the video game back into the area Monika stayed in on Work step three for only the main profile and you can by herself. Monika will likely then delete Sayori, claiming “Zero. I won’t enable you to damage him.” Monika says that there is zero delight about Literature Club, then deletes the complete online game. Brand new track “Your Facts” will have as the loans roll, that is inferred are the latest track Monika authored into user. The new game’s CGs could be deleted when you look at the loans, and you will an excellent bittersweet letter from Monika could be revealed, thanking the gamer having signing up for new Literary works Club. The game commonly today be made unplayable up until it’s lso are-hung or perhaps the “firstrun” file was removed.

In the event your a beneficial conclude is actually attained, Sayori usually thank the player getting hanging out with each one of the girls. Monika will still delete the overall game, however the CG’s may not be removed, and you may a letter off Dan Salvato thanking the gamer to own to play his video game will show instead.

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