I love to hear peoples belly gurgle and just what not blackdatelink does work

I-go on youtube a tune in to individuals abdomens digest. Is it weird? Can somone with similar fetish talk to me personally? I enjoy speak with individuals about abdomens and bellys. Im a teenage man and i simply love the appears the tummy renders.

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I am some guy who’s got a stomach fetish. I always select listening to women belly comforting. I’ve found the noises as an asmr and is relaxing. I do not believe it is odd whatsoever that is from somebody who has similar fetish. Folks just stay once, getting happier plus don’t consider what folks contemplate your!

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I usually had this unusual fantasy of obtaining a toy or object like a bat or pole pushed into my tummy basically linked to reins and that I need to extract my master around and also the only way to achieve that would-be through pressure associated with item during my tummy and each and every so often he would yank h****** the reins taking the entire period of the item into myself creating extreme stomach discomfort omg I’d grunt so loud and get therefore wet through the soreness and embarrassment and he would extremely profoundly wipe my hurting stomach but sometimes driving since tough while he can because a tummy slave should not be as well comfortable or forget about the lady place

Everyone loves when my personal tummy was punched, pressed seriously, moved like cpr, seated or stood on, squeezed and punished I additionally see tummy s** where he either possess s** using my tummy or keeps s** with me while injuring my tummy I’m a lady who would like one to manufacture me personally their belly slave and rehearse my personal belly for his joy

Even if I’m injuring as well as on my personal hips holding my belly in aches and exhausted I would beg him to avoid but I just really would like your to seize myself by neck approximately creating myself look up at him and say you’re completed whenever I state their completed then overcome my personal tummy as discipline

Lol im some guy and that I can say I simply enjoy the sounds and i lowkey want a lady belly to hear

I am a 14 year-old lady it doesn’t switch me to say but, they defiantly will get me supposed i can not hear other people’s but mine I really like

Ive had gotten exactly the same kinda feelings for that and. My personal snap is actually giogio_bizarre if you’d like to add me!

I am very thrilled to see there are numerous folks just who show the exact same fetish, and so I wish to share my own. I recently love almost everything about male stomaches (I am a female), I love to read all of them stuffing and getting a good full round belly, using theirs or other navels, obtaining puched, massaged, force-fed and largely theirs belly growling of appetite, that simply drive myself crazy! What are their fetishes about? What do all of you do in order to satisty them? discuss it? check out video clips? find out they?

I’m some guy who has a large tummy fetish and I would want to speak to your as you are a lady. E-mail myself

To begin with thank you so much really for this article and sharing this quality details around. Your posts is quite helpful and helpful for me personally. be sure to hold

uploading similar to this remarkable articles. Here i’m pleased to share with you some fascinating info associated ideas on how to clean correctly v***** . Here we go.

We have a girl friend who’s around 23 yrs . old. She is slender but features attained slightly excess fat around this lady tummy. Today it’s my personal dream observe the lady girl stomach becoming punched by a man of aged 40 years and above.. deliver me personally ur mail id

Hello You will find a gf old 25 with soft belly. I like to touching the lady belly but it is my dream observe when it’s poked by people

I am a 25 year old man just who discovers people stomach’s appealing. Yes, I enjoy playing a lady stomach i surely think it is reassuring and and it also may help women not ashamed of the belly! My instagram are lusus_ naturae22 if you want to chat!

Hello there, i am a gay 50-year-old man in Michigan exactly who adore male abdomens — specifically scrubbing, kissing and punching all of them. I like dudes who’re about slimmer side or slim. Certainly not into fat chaps. I would like to encounter anyone here or even the Midwest whom might be contemplating exploring this beside me. My email was !

I’m fairly lanky n thin, n my personal navel try kinda shallow however it REALLY LIKES interest! I’m a dude btw, and I also’ll happily happiness that sexy bellyhole of yours aswell.

I am 18 and a male and it’s really an aspiration of my own to play an intense innie navel of a girl. And that I usually observe vids of ladies moaning when their unique navels tend to be starred.

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