Do’s and Don’ts For a Fuck Buddy Relationship

You don’t want girls to cry. We know it’s bad to break some hearts. This is the reason why we must limit access to this technology. You can even get a stalker. Just the right amount of seduction is needed and you can have a few casual sex partners here and there. There’s no need to pay for sex to feel the warmth of a beautiful woman.

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Here are some things you need to understand when you get a fuck buddy. It’s fun and nice but you have to adhere to certain ethics if you don’t want to be an asshole. Establish some fuck buddy rules. Getting a fuck buddy is getting free pussy. You don’t want to mess it up.

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

  • Be Honest. It’s always imperative to be clear about your intentions from the start. Girls may be wanting more than just sex. They may want a relationship. State clearly that you only want casual no strings attached sex. This is needed if you only want a fuck buddy and not a girlfriend.

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

  • Treat her with respect. Just because she only wants casual sex does not mean that you need to demean her. This might be the first time that she will try to be in a fuck buddy relationship. Let her see that this is not a bad experience and that she can have fun casual sex and not be in danger.

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

  • Keep it fun. You are there with this local slut to have sex. Leave your personal problems behind the door. She doesn’t need that. Try experimenting in bed too. You can be sure that she’d like to try new experiences in bed. Tie her up, spank her, do role plays. All withing consent of course. Just remember to make it enjoyable. No one likes a downer.

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

  • You are not her only fuck buddy. You have to respect her choice that she may be having casual sex with other men. Remember that you are there to have sex and not to have a long term relationship. If you’re having jealous thoughts you need to ask yourself. Do you like her as a potential long term partner or short term casual sex. You have to be clear with your intentions.

It can make hot sexy girls crazy for you

  • Have your own set of rules. It’s better if two sex partners have their own guidelines so that no boundaries should be crossed. What are the things that you’d like and what are the things that you don’t? Ask her the same thing. Establish the limits of your fuck buddy relationship.

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