Camp #2 F-6 — You will find multiple Yagudo Mendicant roaming the area on your way to Camp #1

Also if you run into trouble you can run back to G-6 where two pixies roam and will gladly give you free raise III’s

  • There is only one Goblin Veterinarian that is feasible to steal a pet from. That being the case, if one other solo-er is at the camp you will be unable to level unimpeded. There are two other Goblin Veterinarian in the zone, however due to their placement and mobs around them (Pots, Elementals, Snoll, Hecteye, and other Goblins) they might not be worth the effort.
  • Bats are hard to sleep, but you should be able to do it with ES + Sleep.
  • Due to the nature of the doorway that the goblin is behind, occasionally you will be “Unable to see” the goblin’s pet. Try to maneuver around this without getting aggro if you can.
  • An easy way to circumvent this is to cast Invisible on yourself so that you can get in a good position to cast without being seen by the Goblin. You can run to either side right as your spell goes off and you will be able to cast with no problems.

54-59 – West Sarutabaruta (S)

895 – 935 Note: Burst in Wind/Fire, Quake on Fire, Tornado on Earth. p Location(s): West Sarutabaruta (S) Camp #1: F-7 (closed entrance to Giddeus) There is a Yagudo Mendicant and Yagudo Piper that wander E-W in front of a group of 8 pillars. They do not walk down the pillar area, so it is safe to rest/cast within the 3 sets of southward pillars. There is a perfect camp just south of the main path at the F-6/G-6 border. Here you will notice a Mendicant. If you continue a little further south you will find another. You can camp between these two, giving the opportunity to pull from the north or the south. Note that Pixie Raise III’s allow for no EXP loss, which was quite helpful while I camped this location Camp #3: F-6 — This camp uses the first Yagudo from camp #2 (the Yagudo Mendicant to the north). You can cast spells from around the corner near the F-6/G-6 border – as long as you don’t go past the tree in the corner you’ll stay out of aggro range.You can also stand to the side of the tree past the grassy area, you will know it when you stand on it, and you will never be out of range of casting on an elemental. The Elementals will be in casting range for about 90% of the time. Using this camp you’ll have a easier time getting to the pixies in case you get in trouble, as there are no other Yags along the way.

Also if you run into trouble you can run back to G-6 where two pixies roam and will gladly give you free raise III’s

  • Was able to one-shot Wind Fire elementals almost always. A drain-able sliver of health was usually left on Earth elementals.
  • Elementals never seemed to be out of casting range and Yagudos never within aggro range (stand between the second pair of pillars from the north to cast). -able of course so MP was not an issue.
  • Close to a Campaign front if you need an emergency Instant Reraise scroll.
  • Even closer to a pair of Pixies who’ll give you free Raise III’s that allow for no EXP loss.
  • Chain 5 easily.

Also if you run into trouble you can run back to G-6 where two pixies roam and will gladly give you free raise III’s

  • I would definitely recommend this camp. It is extremely accessible through the use of Campaign Arbiters. Although the Pso’Xja camp is probably better exp once you get there, this camp is a great alternative and is rarely occupied! I first came to this camp as 55BLM/WHM (Hume F) with notable equipment being Moldy Earring, AF gloves and equipment giving INT+24 (without food). I did not possess any HQ elemental staves but was able to one-shot each variety of elemental pretty consistently, although as stated above, the Earth Elementals did sometimes have a small amount of health remaining. Resists seemed few and far between. Although the Yagudo occasionally turned at an inconvenient time causing it to link, the presence of the Pixies nearby dulled the blow as there was no exp loss. This was a plus in comparison to Pso’Xja which allowed only one reraise scroll per visit, as well as a trek to get there.

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